Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romantic Quotes

''I'll be the wind to make you soar
I'll be the water to quench your thirst
I'll be the hand to pick you up
I'll be the shoulder for you to lean on
I'll be the love your heart longs
For my love for you will never die."

"The night sky has thousand stars to show
The day but one yet it eclipses all
The world has uncount beauty to spare
Yet this heart aches for only one
You eclipse all that I see
And my life revolves around only you
So I take this day to say what you mean to me
And let you know how much I need You.
I LOVE YOU my sweet valentine."

''Girl if you were a flower
I would have plucked you from the root
And have you planted in my heart to let it bloom forever
Water you with my love and treasure you with my LIFE.''

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