Sunday, February 13, 2011

Relationship is Not a Promise

It is easier to get committed than to maintain that commitment. That is why we have the adage; Promises are made to be broken.'' But relationship is not about experimenting with our lives. It is about maintaining what has been started. Relationship is not about giving up but to take the association to another level despite the odds. In other words, relationship is an art of interacting with people. It is about blending the opposites, accommodating the differences, promoting the likeness and furthering the association. Therefore a relationship is not a promise but a union of different individuals.

Be very clear from the very beginning what you expect of from the other person. We come across many people in our lives but not everybody become a part of our lives. We decide on whom to get intimate with to share a meaningful relationship. Likewise others also choose us to be a part of their lives but even in those cases we need to understand what is expected of us. Only then can the friendship moves towards a definite direction and be fruitful for all the shortcomings that is in us.

Value your friendship. It's a tall ask for someone to completely fall within the line of our expectation. Just as you are incomplete with many short comings, so also are you friends. Just remember the reason you are friends with each other. Keep a friend within the bound of your expectation of him or her and value that.

Time brings change. Relationship is dynamic. You cannot maintain the status of the beginning till the end. Friendship needs to grow and develop over time. Now, the need to be specific with the nature of your relationship is to lead your friendship to a definite direction. But we have choices and it is up to you to determine where it should go next as every time intimacy develops and bonding takes place. Relationship is about maintaining and developing it. It is about maneuvering it towards a productive growth. That is why how to relate with others is an art. Relationship is a seed that must nature overtime to bear fruit. Therefore in order to foster a healthy relationship, we must interpret the changes and deal with them accordingly.
Little by little City sights may entertain you in extravagance but the sight of a rose in the bush will really let you savor its real beauty because the redefined impression of its beauty amidst its surrounding will provide you a romantic treat. If you really want to relish the taste of a dish then it is not on an extravagance laid table but in a single dish that you will get. Take a piece of chicken, put it in your mouth, chew on it slowly and try to relish its taste. Don't over eat it. Just eat a piece or two and you will really get to savor the real taste of a chicken. Don't begin your friendship with high expectation and demands otherwise you will end up getting disappointed though it may initially blow you away like the extravagant sight of a new city. Begin on a simple note otherwise when the dust had settled down you will feel the shallowness of such an experience. Don't envision an extravagant dish of your friend. Just let him/her unfold before you piece by piece (little by little) and see the bond of your friendship cement. Just don't go on a maximum overdrive. Slow down and be cool. Little by little HUH!
Know them better You are best equipped to deal with your friends better if you know what they are. And the best way to learn about your someone is by spending time with them. Don't nurture any pre-conceived notion about anyone. Try to get to know them better by spending time with them alone and in the company of your friends. Let things begin on a good note. After all you are going to relate with them with the first impression you have of them.
It is not hire and fire For all that is said about relationship, it doesn't make one, the director of a firm or company to hire and fire. They are simply certain guidelines to aid you share a productive relationship because relationship is the art of hanging on with friends. But those ill intent and harmful behaviour are best avoided.
Give them space and respect their rights. It is really annoying if someone were to show up every now and then. You will certainly feel an infringement on your personal rights and liberty. So also is with you friends, Just give them the needed space to breath. If you have rights, then so do they, no matter what they are. In exercising our rights we must learn to respect others right too.
Whether you are single, have a partner or is married don't be scared when you get attracted to those of the opposite sexes. Remember that we are all unique and different and not everybody perceive us equally. You may have a partner or is married but as there are many people far better and beautiful than you so also it will be otherwise. The reason why we find far better and beautiful people lies in our uniqueness and difference. But there will never be another you or another them. Therefore if you value your relationship don't commit yourself into something that you are going to rue over later.

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